When I accepted the invitation to debut my series of goddess paintings in Italy, I was told my title for the show, The Feminine Almighty, was not appropriate because I was going to show my work in an area of the world where The Almighty refers only to the one male god. I kept my title. At the opening, the gallery filled with people curious to see my work. Not understanding Italian, I observed them as they viewed my paintings. Two women cried, many smiled, and most hugged me and double kissed my cheeks while saying, “Complimente!” Someone looked me in the eyes for a long time and then told me via a translator that I was very mysterious. The Feminine Almighty attracted the media and 3 different Italian television stations featured my exhibit. Links and photos can be seen on my blog at

Many layers of meaning appear in my surrealistic, magical paintings. I apply paint, iridescence, rainwater, ground minerals, and glow in the dark pigments on various surfaces with paintbrushes, palette knives, and depending on size, airbrush or spray paint. As I first touch the canvas with paint, I pursue a specific image, but the caw of a raven, a word, a photo, a song, anything could inspire me to add to my vision. Once while I was paintng a humming bird fluttered at my window, watching. I worked its portrait into my art. My most recent series, titled MUSIC!, debuted as stage projections for the New Mexico Platinum Music Awards at the same time as I was in Italy. A portion of each sale from the series supports music in New Mexico schools.

Recently an artist from Sweden met me in Italy, where we painted together on the grounds of an ancient fortress. As a collaborator. I’ve created hundreds of paintings in concert with other artists from around the world. My largest solo exhibition to date  took place in 2015 when I curated and exhibited 100 paintings that I created with a Cuban artist, at New Century Artists in NYC. Arte Fuse wrote a tribute review:  “Each panel is a portal to their view of humanity and what it means to them as artists. It most certainly has opened a new window on the horizon indeed for this century in art.”

The spirits of Dr. Suess, Georgia O’Keefe, and Gertrude Stein live on as muses for me, encouraging me to play, to paint what I see, and to share stories. My Santa Fe art studio is a hub for creatives. I host concerts, performances, and small gatherings there, and I mentor students, curate gallery exhibitions, and offer art retreats. My gallery Semiotique adjoins my art studio and is open to the public during regular hours.

My husband and partner Gary Storm, PhD, JD, DJ, co-hosts events and salons with me, and performs his songs on acoustic guitar and viola at my art openings. On his radio show, Oil of Dog, Gary  interviews the artists, musicians, and other performers who share their passions in my studio.


Completed paintings can be seen in Semiotique, the gallery that adjoins my art studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am currently coordinating an exhibition of international artists with Yulia Shtern for December, 2019 in Italy. Join my mailing list by sending me your email to stay informed: Contact

A reminder to feel gratitude

A reminder to feel gratitude