An Award For Me?!?

She came to a concert in my studio. Afterward she hobbled to me holding tightly to her cane, and with piercing blue eyes looking into mine she asked, Do you know how special you are? I did not know what to say. I smiled. She told me she was dying and started to cry. She said that she has been bedridden and took a lot of medication to to be able to sit for the concert in my studio, and she doesn’t want to die, but there is no hope, her body was failing. She asked me again through her tears, Do you know how special you are? I hugged her and as my own tears formed. I answered that we are all special, and thanked her. I never saw her again, but I thought of her when I received this award that I did not expect, I was totally surprised, I felt special.

Award for top 3 artist